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Need Training?  We can help.

Dulany Consulting can offer professional development on a wide variety of topics.  We firmly believe that the best training is hands-on training, with plenty of interaction and time to collaborate with colleagues.  Because each school has a different mix of technologies, devices, and faculty skill levels, we take pride in personalizing training programs to the needs of each individual faculty and school - right down to individual faculty members if we need to. 

At the same time, we often get requests for training on similar topics.  Here are some of our more popular offerings that we've delivered for faculties from coast to coast.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact us today - this is just a sample of training topics we can offer!  We can also build a custom workshop just for you.

Workshops outlined in BLUE are "classic" Dulany Consulting workshops.  These are our most popular sessions, requested from coast to coast.

Professional Development

The Dulany Consulting team of consultants are educators, just like you! We want the best for your staff and students. Therefore, because technology is forever changing, updating, and upgrading, we are constantly researching the latest and greatest technology instruction to share with our clients. Check out some of our most recent sessions:

Google Certified Educator Bootcamps

Are you thinking about becoming a Google Certified Educator? Sign up for our two day workshop to learn the fundamental skills needed to pass the GCE Level 1 test! Our Google Certified Trainers are teachers with real classroom experience! We'll get you ready to take the test and show you best practices for using G Suite Apps in the classroom. Space is limited to ensure that participants receive personal, hands-on attention and feel confident to pass the GCE Level 1 exam.

3D Printing Made Easy

3D printers are wonderful classroom tools.  They turn students into designers, innovators, and critical thinkers -- but only if you're using 3D printers to do something meaningful.  If you're still using your 3D printer to print up some keychains, or if your printer is sitting and collecting dust, give us a call!  We'll show you how to use it to breathe new life into your math and science curriculum.

Don't have a 3D printer?  No problem!  We can include one as part of a training package, that you can KEEP at your school.  Call us for details!

Google and Chromebook trainings

Going Google? Stop scanning old worksheets!

Are you trying to take a paper-based lesson activity into the online world?  Going Google should be more than just scanning an old worksheet into a PDF file, but many teachers don’t know any other place to start.  Let us reveal how to take your lesson to the next level with true tech integration! In this workshop, we’ll show you the best practices for taking a paper-based lesson, worksheet, or activity into the online world - regardless of whether you’re using Chromebooks or iPads at your school.  We’ll show you several real-world paper-based lessons from various sources and demonstrate the best ways to structure them in an electronic format. At the end of the workshop, we’ll present the electronic and paper versions of the lessons and ask which one YOU would rather learn.

Introduction to G Suite for Education (Google Apps)

Participants will be introduced to Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Presentations, and Google Forms. These are the core applications of Google Apps for Education and the basis for collaborative document editing and commenting in education. Participants will spend time working on collaborative activities and get hands-on practice in setting up their own documents and lessons.

MORE Apps for Google Education

In this intermediate and advanced user class, participants will expand upon their base knowledge of Google Apps for Education and see how this tool can truly transform the classroom. See how add-ons, collaboration, research functions, and forms can help propel their class to the top while helping the participant stay organized.  This session also includes Google Classroom and the best ways to use it in a K-12 setting.

Yes, you CAN use Chromebooks in the Math Classroom!

Are you having a hard time using Chromebooks in your math classroom?  In this session, we will explore a variety of tools that will make Chromebooks work in your math classroom.  Tools for centers, flipped classrooms, and student interactives will be shown, in addition to teacher resource tools.  By the end of this session with one of our certified mathematics teachers, you’ll agree that, yes, you CAN use Chromebooks in the classroom!

iPad Professional Development sessions

Easy Does it! iPads for Beginners

Participants will explore various iPad applications and their use in the classroom, including narration and instruction apps, storytelling apps, presentation apps, and other apps as time allows. Bring an iPad and we’ll do the rest. This session is intended for complete beginners who need an introduction to controls on the iPad, adjusting settings, how to download apps, and other “beginning” tasks.  

iPads for 1:1 programs

Not getting the most out of your 1:1 iPad program? Many 1:1 iPad programs miss important concepts like workflow (the process of students and teachers exchanging student work) and making sure students use the iPad to CREATE - not just read and type.  


This session focuses on elevating the SAMR proficiency of participants in a 1:1 program.

Appy Hour with the ONE (or limited) iPad classroom 

Participants will explore various iPad applications, techniques, and lessons in the ONE iPad classroom.  (Or, the LIMITED iPad classroom, for environments that are not 1:1.) Specific applications will be introduced, with a focus on applications that support group learning and cooperative play. 

Students as Creators - Creating with the iPad

One of the greatest strengths of adding iPads to the classroom is putting the power to CREATE into the hands of a student. During this workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to explore apps that will allow them to create their own eBook, animated movies and stories, interactive games, and narrated slideshows.

Interactive Whiteboard trainings

"So you've got a SMART Board.  NOW what?"

Are teachers at your school using the SMART Board as a glorified projection screen?  That's because they've never attended one of our sessions.  This workshop will introduce participants to SMART Notebook software, with a focus on lessons that support reading and mathematics. Participants will leave with several engaging, interactive lessons that are easy to modify and apply to ANY classroom, from Pre-K to Grade 8.


(We also run this workshop for Epson Brightlinks projectors!  Contact us to learn more.)

ActivInspire for Beginners and Review

This session will introduce participants to ActivInspire software for Promethean Boards, with a focus on lessons that support reading and mathematics. Participants will leave with many engaging, interactive lessons that are easy to modify and apply to ANY classrooms, from Pre-K to Grade 8. 

Additional Professional Development workshops

(Re) Evaluating your 1:1 Program

Many schools jump into a 1:1 program with iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops, and never stop to ask important questions like “Is this still the best device for us?” and “Are we getting the most out of our technology investment?” In this session, we will share our checklist for making sure your 1:1 program is doing everything you hoped it would do, and offer concrete suggestions for improvement.

Gaining S.T.E.A.M. in your Classroom

Not sure what kind of materials you need for a STEAM lab? Don’t want to pay $50k for a group to come in and give one of your classrooms a makeover? Let us show you how to build a cost-effective STEAM space and how it naturally fits with things you’re ALREADY TEACHING in your art, math, and science curricula. 

3D Printing in the STEM lab

In this hands on engaging workshop, participants will learn how to use this amazing technology in ANY classroom. We cover how to get started, create something both artistic and useful, and introduce the best way to do projects with students.

Coaching the Tech Coach in your District

So you’ve got a tech coach. They attend conferences, present sessions to your faculty, and help your district carry out the technology plan -- but who coaches the tech coach? We do! We’ll work with your technology coaches to be sure they feel supported and that they have the best tools and recommendations for teachers, can apply best practices for modeling and presenting, and provide solid advice for technology adoption in your school or district. 

Effective eLearning Days

Is your school or district participating in an eLearning Day this year? If your teachers are nervous or unsure about eLearning, this session is for you. Teachers will leave this training with a variety of tools and a sample lesson plan for each grade level. We’ll build the confidence and technology fluency of the faculty so that eLearning is just another day on the calendar. No school? No problem!

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