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Technical Support and Consulting

Dulany Consulting offers limited technical support to schools -- if you don't have a full-time technology director, or technical support that you're happy with, we can help you with everything a school may face, including:
  • Long term technology planning
  • Infrastructure / wireless improvements
  • Chromebook enrollment and management
  • iPad enrollment and management
  • Audio Visual (projector) issues
  • Desktop and laptop maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Firewall upgrades and replacements
  • Website management and design (see our other page!)

 ... and much more!  Contact us to get more information today!

Web Design

Dulany Consulting partners with Bella Fiore Studios to bring full-service web design to our clients.  
We specialize in making sure educational institutions have great value in their web presence.  We make sure that our client sites:
  • Are easy to navigate
  • Show well on mobile devices
  • Contain current, relevant information
  • Rank high in top search engines
  • Integrate with forms, social media, and other tools.
Bella Fiore Studios makes sure site graphics are crisp and clear, and offers a variety of custom artwork and logo solutions.  We're proud to partner with them on delivering the best value for our clients.

All other Educational Technologies

Dulany Consulting partners with other groups to give options for every possibility.  YOU CAN'T STUMP US.
  • Door and Camera Systems
  • Phone Systems
  • Interactive board installation and projector replacement
  • Free recycling and payment for old devices
  • Printer and copier leasing and maintenance
  • Bell and PA systems
We've seen it all -- we've helped schools design and implement these systems to help support teaching and learning.  If you need help with any of these, get in touch!
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