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SUCCESS STORY - St. Vincent Ferrer, River Forest IL

Over four years ago, St. Vincent Ferrer contacted us to run SMART Board trainings occasionally throughout the school year. By working closely with the school administrative team and the faculty, we've advised St. Vincent Ferrer to set individual and staff goals for technology proficiency in a number of areas. To reach these goals, we run regular professional development sessions there. 


Since then, the school has implemented a successful BYOD 1:1 iPad program in grades 5-8 and a significant number of iPads to support the curriculum in lower grade levels.  We explored electronic textbook solutions with the staff to update curriculum in a cost-effective way. We have provided additional web solutions to save thousands of dollars per year through school website recommendations and coaching teachers to help create a modern, professional blog that is updated reguarly to let parents know what's happening in the classroom.  We've helped St. Vincent Ferrer faculty members to use the SMART Boards in every room beyond the basic "projection screen" mode to engage students and increase achievement.  Earlier this year, we also introduced 3D printing to the school's technology offerings, which gives students insights into math, science, and artistic concepts that couldn't be explored otherwise.  Finally, we've also worked with the staff to promote Service Learning through hands on experiences that brings the staff, students, and community together.


Today, we manage their institution-owned iPads, have monthly coaching sessions with the faculty, and continue to advise the school on the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom.  These regular PD sessions keep St. Vincent Ferrer at the forefront of using technology in the classroom.

SUCCESS STORY - St. Angela School, Chicago IL

In December of 2014, St. Angela School asked us to train their faculty on Google Apps for Education, and to help them evaluate their current technology needs and infrastructure.


Since then, we've advised St. Angela School faculty members on the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom, and how to work activities for interactive whiteboards and iPads into everyday lessons.  We advised the school on upgrades to both the school's Internet connection and wireless infrastructure to support additional devices.  After converting the school's Google account from a legacy account to a Google Apps for Education account, we've helped them to deploy over 90 Chromebooks and several sets of iPads to students to help support differentiated learning. 


Today, we help them manage their Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and other technology.  We have regular coaching sessions with the faculty and continue to advise them on the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

SUCCESS STORY - Saint Ignatius College Prep, Chicago IL

In 2011, Saint Ignatius College Prep asked us to do a variety of professional development sessions with their staff in preparation for a 1:1 iPad program. Since then, we have trained the staff through whole group and small group professional development sessions focused on training for iPads, Google Apps, and elevating their SAMR proficiency. We helped Saint Ignatius College become an Apple Distinguished School in the 2015-2016 academic year.  


Recently, we assisted Saint Ignatius College Prep in designing the framework and curriculum of a Technology 101 Course to introduce iPad basics and apps, digital citizenship, productivity, workflow and notetaking, to all incoming freshmen students.  Our partnership with Saint Ignatius College Prep is ongoing, including 3D printing professional development, continual iPad 1:1 program support, and encouraging cross-curricular thinking among students using technology.


Ready to make your school a success story?  Reach out to us today using the "Contact" tab above.

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