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Google Classroom Resources

Many schools tell us that teachers struggle to find uses of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings in a meaningful way.  Below are some of our favorite examples of using Google tools in the classroom, incorporating innovative ways to use Google Sheets, Slides, and Drawings.

Comic Book Template / Google Slides

Use Google Slides to have students create a comic book!  This is a fun and easy authentic assessment that allows students to express what they've learned in their own way.  Using Google Slides gives students the flexibility to focus on their story.  This is one of our favorite demonstrations in a professional development session.

Instagram Template using Google Drawings

What if George Washington used Instagram?  What would he post pictures of?  How would his friends and critics respond?  Now you can imagine, too - for historical figures, characters from a book, or even parts of a cell in science class!  Use this fun Google Drawings example with your students!  

Label the United States / Google Drawings

Use Google Drawings to quickly and easily label the United States map.  Because all of the text boxes are already created, students do not need to waste time with lots of copy and paste - they can get to work showing you what they know about US Geography.

Choose Your Own Adventure / Google Slides

Choose Your Own Adventure is the "interactive" version of a story and using hyperlinks within Google Slides allows a student to craft multiple endings to a story to practice collaborative writing.  (You can also do this using Google Forms, but we've found that elementary and middle school students work easier in Google Slides.)

Choose Your Own Adventure / Google Forms

​When we first started running Google trainings in Chicago, we made this "Mayflower Voyage" CYOA activity using Google Forms.  This example for junior high / high school students allows them to capture data and see which options people are choosing as they work their way through the story. (Note that this was done in the "old" version of Google Forms, where you could use a dark wood background.)

Easy Sticky Note Post It Board / Google Drawings

Use Google Drawings to create an easy sticky note board that's collaborative and customizable!  The drawing can be embedded in a Google Doc, and is an easy way to get "sticky not" functionality without the cost or hassle of a third party resource.

Dollar Words / Google Sheets

This is "Dollar Words" from a popular middle school novel.  Enter the letters of the word you're trying to test and see if it's a "Dollar Word" where the value of all the letters adds up to 100!  Students are practicing word skills and multi-digit addition.

Pictograph Example / Google Slides

This pictograph uses special character symbols in a basic table.  While this could be done in Google Docs, Drawings, or Slides, this example uses Google Slides so that students can easily use a picture as the background.  It's a great way to have students practice mathematical concepts in a Google setting.

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