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We're experts at what we do.

We're experts at what we do.  It's that simple.  We started in 2010 as a purely professional development group.  Since then, we’ve expanded to fully support all technology needs of a school, from teacher training to technical support, from modern phone system implementations, to troubleshooting slow WiFi.  You can’t stump us.  

With degrees in Education, Computer Science, Network Security, and Project Management, we know how to get things done for our clients. 

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You can't stump us.

We take the *hard jobs.*  Things that other tech groups try to figure out, but end up throwing up their arms and leaving things as-is.  You’re not happy, they’re not happy.


That’s when people call us.

We’re willing to take the time to dive into a school’s issues – from technology to training.  We don’t sit in a small dark room, hoping that nobody bothers us.  We actively talk to teachers, and ask them how we can help them make their jobs better.

We can be your complete tech solution.

Some tech groups walk into a school and tell you everything they won't do.

We've done everything for Chicagoland schools from five year technology plans, to STEM teacher training, to wiring multi-million dollar building additions, to helping schools navigate through eLearning.

Most schools are DRASTICALLY overpaying for software, services, and hardware.  It's common for us to walk into a school and instantly save more than $40,000 per year.  Want to see what we can offer?  

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