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Thanks for your interest in Dulany Consulting!  We specialize in professional development and technology consulting.  We've worked with schools around the country on everything from 1:1 planning to Google and iPad training. 


Whether you need help with a long-term technology plan, professional development for an institute day, help with a slow network, or regular faculty technology training, we can help.  We look forward to hearing from you!





​Pete Dulany, President
Dulany Consulting, Inc.


e-Learning Made Easy

e-Learning Made Easy is a beginner's guide to implementing effective e-Learning strategies for remote and hybrid classrooms.

In e-Learning Made Easy, you'll learn about:

  • Which tools to use for recording your e-Learning lessons

  • Why teaching too much content over a video call is a bad idea

  • Tools to make e-Learning more interactive for students

  • What to do when things go wrong

  • How e-Learning still fits into the SAMR model

  • And much more!

e-Learning doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to effectively use technology tools to support students and parents, and how to navigate through common pitfalls when setting up e-Learning plans. This guide is written in a friendly conversational style for teachers and administrators, by a teacher. You’ll be an e-Learning pro in no time after reading e-Learning Made Easy.


To purchase a copy today from Amazon, click here!  

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e-Learning Made Easy is one of three books in the "Made Easy" series from Dulany Consulting. 


You'll be a 3D printing pro in no time after reading 3D Printing Made Easy: Classroom Edition! To purchase a copy today from Amazon, click here!  

Check out our guide to creating custom clues for Breakout boxes, Breakouts Made Easy!  Purchase from Amazon by clicking here.

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