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In today's classrooms, technology can be overwhelming.  Sometimes, you need a seasoned professional to walk you through a few sample lessons to really see the maximum benefits of using technology.  We offer training throughout the academic year on a wide variety of technologies, and pride ourselves on being able to stretch professional development dollars for maximum benefit.

All of our sessions are delivered by teaching veterans - not "tech guys" or hardware vendors who ask you to buy additional add-ons.  We know what works best in the classroom, and will work with your school to ensure your technology implementation is a success. 


We can customize a professional development plan to match your specific needs.  We do have common workshop requests and topics, and those are listed here.  Dulany Consulting is recognized as a leader in SMART Board usage, 3D printing in the classroom, Google Apps for Education, and many other topics.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact us today - we can help you with all your technology needs and build a custom workshop for you.

Meet the Team

Pete Dulany

President and Founder


Pete has taught in the northwest suburbs of Chicago for over fifteen years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology integration and curriculum design to schools around the country.  As a part-time instructor at Concordia University Chicago, Pete shows future teachers best strategies for incorporating technology into the classroom.  


Pete is a Google Certified Trainer, an Apple Teacher, and all-around EDTECH enthusiast. 

Prudence Dulany

Vice President


Prudence is a PMP-certified project manager and is an expert at planning, implementing, and upgrading ERP Systems.  With clients from a wide variety of industries, Prudence specializes in turning around projects that are lacking direction, behind schedule, and over budget.  


Alex Forbes

Educational Consultant


Alex has taught art to kindergarten through 8th grade for the past 5 years.  She has used technology in a variety of ways to help enhance art instruction and taught students to use technology as an artistic medium to express themselves.  Alex is currently helping other teachers further improve their students’ art education through customized training.


Antonia Garza

Technical Consultant


Antonia brings her graphic design talents to the Dulany Consulting team.  She often works behind the scenes on logos, color theory, app artwork, and other client projects that require graphic design.  Antonia has a degree in Graphic Design from Concordia University Chicago.

As the President of Bella Fiore Studios, Toni collaborates closely with the Dulany Consulting team on artwork for everything from STEAM spaces to web design.


Angela Herrera

Technical Consultant


Angela helps the Dulany Consulting team work on technical projects for different types of clients.  Her experience in technical support and online databases has helped our clients resolve complex issues quickly, often saving thousands of dollars in the process.


Katey Wagner

Educational Consultant


Katey runs workshops on iPads in the classroom, and specializes in technology integration training for early childhood and early elementary learners.  She has a wealth of knowledge in special education teaching and tech integration, and is eager to share her teaching expertise, her technology tips, and friendly smile, with everyone she meets.

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